Thursday, September 10, 2015

School Time Begins!

Tuesday was our first day of school!  We had a great day and are excited about this upcoming school year!  As with any year, I always plan out a detailed schedule.  After the week, we tweak it bunches and make it work.  So, even though we are working out the kinks, our first day and first week went fairly smoothly!

 Micah-our classroom helper, kiddo ready to play, and the one that most frequently requests juice breaks!
I don't have any specific curriculum for him.  He participates when he wants to (about 1/3 of the time) and plays for the rest.

 Callie Grace-First day of Kindergarten!  Wow!  She is so excited to officially be in school this year!  She is watching Abeka live streaming Bible and Cursive Writing Class.  Her Phonics and Numbers Class is being taught by me.  Elisabeth is teaching her Social Studies for one semester and Science for the other.

Silas-First Grade
He is so excited to have to watch some of his school on the computer!  He is doing Bible, Phonics and Handwriting with Abeka Live Streaming.  He loves his teacher Mrs. Weiler.  Then, I am teaching him his Math class and Beth is teaching his Social Studies/Science.

 Brenna-11th Grade.  She has a full load (but not too full) of ACE schoolwork.

Elisabeth-12th Grade.  Senior!  Can this day really be here!  The night before school started I was a little weapy thinking about my baby girl when she started kindergarten.  Wasn't that just yesterday?  As we looked through her Photo Album, I realized things are just moving too fast!
Beth has a lighter load this year.  She has 2 subjects with ACE.  She is also going to be helping me by teaching Silas and Callie their Social Studies/Science classes. She is also interested in Sign Language and would like to try and get her certification for ASL.  She is starting online classes.  We are excited about the ministry opportunities for her!

 For Bible class my three little ones start together.  They love it!

 For the first week I felt like I was moving desks here and there and all over the house for each class!  That's a kink we need to work out this upcoming week!

Brenna is also teaching Piano Lessons to Silas and Callie once a week and they are enjoying it so much!

So thankful to be able to homeschool my children!


  1. Happy first week of school!!!! We start next week :)...I am one of those strange people that have to start on a Monday. Lol!!!
    Would you mind sharing a little more about the online sign language course? That is something we want Hannah to be able to take too...most likely next year depending on cost. Thank you :)!
    Everyone looks excited about school :). Now I need to get off my phone and back to writing individual schedules... 1 down a few more to go!
    It is such a blessing to teach our children!!!!
    May you have your best school year yet :)!

  2. I want to know about those sign language classes too, Kami. I'd like to be able to share the idea with others who ask us. :) I am so excited for her!