Thursday, November 19, 2015

16 and 17

16 & 17.  These are the ages of my older 2 girls.  While they are in no way "boy crazy" or dying to get out of the house, they are naturally thinking towards the home that God will let them one day have.  They want to be ready and do their best for the Lord when that day comes.  

Several months ago, one of their dear friends talked about having a hope chest and wanting to fill it with things for her future home.  I'm so thankful for Godly friends in my girls life!   So, Beth and Brenna began talking about wanting a hope chest as well.  Patrick and I thought it was a great idea! 

 After lots of looking and hunting in thrift stores and yard sales, we just couldn't find one in their price range.  Then, Patrick came across one at a thrift shop and brought it home.  It was quite small, but Brenna loved it!  So, she has her rustic, very adorable, wooden hope chest.  Beth had not quite found the one that would suit her.... until we found a great sale at the Airport last weekend.  My Beth found a quite large, Lane Hope Chest.  Exactly what she wanted!  Exactly!

 She cleaned it up, found a place in her room (that was a miracle!) and carefully put in her China that was given to her by a dear missionary friend.

I love to watch God grant the desires of my children's hearts.  Of course, in our minds, these hope chests will be here, in our home, at the foot of our girl's beds, for years to come.  But, I know the future comes all too soon.  I'm thankful their heart is sincere in their desire to prepare for the future.  I just hope I'm ready when that time comes.

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  1. It's good to have a hope chest and fill it with things needed for life on their own or life with a partner. I had a similar version for when I went away to university. Though mine was just a steel square chest with pretty pictures on it. Much later I got a cedar lined chest which now holds some linens. I'm glad both your girls got exactly what they wanted. xx