Monday, April 11, 2016

No More Nursery Kids

Yesterday was my last day to pick up one of my own from the church nursery.  My Micah Roo is turning 4, so no more church nursery for him.  He's now a big boy!  sniff sniff. that he's out of the nursery, it's easy to look back and see what worked for me and my kiddos.  Here's my observation:

~Nurseries are wonderful!  It's a great place for kiddos to learn to play and interact with one another and to learn to share with someone that is not their sibling.  It' also great to teach them that they have to obey the one that is in authority over them.  It's also so nice, as the Momma, to sit in church, take notes, and give my complete focus to the message.  That's hard to do with a busy baby!

~They will stop crying.  For the most part I have left my children in the nursery.  There have been a few times on the deputation trail that I felt I needed to keep them with me, but that was quite rare.  My children didn't go through any major bouts of "separation anxiety."  But, during those times when they cried when I left them, it only took a few minutes (sometimes a few seconds) for them to stop crying, realize they were going to be in there for a bit, and to enjoy it.  I confess, I was the Momma that would stand outside the door waiting to hear my baby settle down and quit crying.  They always did!

~Pack a good nursery bag.  Load it will snacks, drinks, a change of clothes and plenty of diapers.  Let the worker know your expectations for feeding your child.

~Thank the nursery worker.  It's often a thankless job and that is so sad!  Someone is giving their time to take care of your precious little one.  Thank them.  Praise the Lord for them.  Brag on them to others.  Be a blessing to the nursery worker!

And the last....
~Enjoy the time when your baby is a baby.  And when your toddler is a toddler.  Yes, this is a busy, active time in your life where you go to bed exhausted!  But, what a precious time that is all too fleeting.  Love on that nursery baby of yours!

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