Friday, April 15, 2016

Keep Moving...Keep Walking

Not long after I posted about my "40 Days Until I'm 40"  get more active challenge....I had a bad day.  Then, another.  This body of mine wasn't up for much activity.  Getting dressed and accomplishing school has been an amazing feat on some days.  So....I have not completely kept up with my 40 day challenge.  But, I've worked at it some and we've enjoyed it so much!  On my good days, this is a definite habit I'm making. 

We've taken walks as a family, hiked in the woods (I LOVE doing that!), gone to the park,  and....
 planted some new blueberry bushes together!

 the kiddos were excited to use Daddy's shovel!

 What kid doesn't like to dig a hole?

 And there they are!  Beautiful blueberry bushes in the ground.

Hoping they grow!!

1 comment:

  1. Those are beautiful berries. Every child I've known has loved to be out in the garden so this is great experience for your kiddos. Just take care Kami. Do only what you can. God will take care of the rest. When we are sick, we must just go with what our bodies can do. Hugs and blessings. xx