Monday, August 15, 2016

VBS 2016

I am quite behind in my posting.   Yikes!  Bear with me, I'm hoping to catch up this week.  There's a lot happening in the Gimenez Home!

We were so blessed to have the Youth Group from our sending church, Winkler Road Baptist Church, to come for the week and put on VBS!  Our church is still young that we don't quite have enough workers to put on a full blown VBS, so it was a blessing to have a group to come and put all their energy into it. It was a great week!

 It was a blessing to have the teens in our home each day for a meal.  We love to have our house filled with the laughter and joy of teenagers!

 The teenagers went visiting and canvasing, inviting kids to VBS and then did some work at the church, too.  It's always a blessing to clean and soak the nursery toys!  That makes Mommas happy!!

 We had a great turnout for each night of VBS.  We had visitors, and then we would have visitors invite visitors!  We praise the Lord for the contacts made in our community!

 Lots of fun games were played.  My kiddos loved it! This game made me nervous!  But, my Silas loved it!!

 I love the joy on my Callie's face!

 Thank you WRBC for all of your hard work!  Thank you Brother Joe and Mrs. Sarah for all the planning and praying that you did.  You all are a blessing!!


  1. It looks like a fabulous week and many happy memories for the kids and teens. xx

    1. It sure was! My kiddos are still talking about it! :o)