Saturday, January 21, 2017

As I Ponder

 I am so excited about my focus word for this year, "Ponder."  I am excited because I know God is going to do many things in my heart!  It's thrilling to see this thought jump out on the pages in my devotions.

I came up with a way to keep these thoughts visible.  I want to remember them throughout the day!
I bought this $5 canvas panel at Walmart.  It's not mounted on a wooden frame like most canvas.  I put up a clip on my wall so that I can take down the canvas to write on it, then pin it back up when I'm done.  I've been writing verses and thoughts that I have during my devotions.

I'm loving what the Lord is giving me!  Thank you, Lord, for working on my heart!

1 comment:

  1. Great idea Kami. I have a similar idea. I do something similar. I have an inexpensive dry erase board from the dollar store. Instead of writing on it directly I use different coloured sticky note paper and put different thoughts and prayers on it near my desk. for example, I use different colours for different things. I love it. Happy pondering.