Wednesday, January 4, 2017

So, Mom, what did you feel?

 As I've mentioned before, there have been many emotions this week as we prepare for the wedding of our Joshua.

It's caused me to think back to my wedding day.  all the excitement.  all the nervousness. all the joy.

 I often think of my wedding day from mine or Patrick's point of view.  Two people madly in love and can't wait to spend the rest of their lives together.  But, this week, I've thought more about someone else on that day.  I've thought about my Mom.
  It's sad to say,  but I guess I've never really thought about how she felt.  She was right there with me, planning every last detail. and making sure everything from dresses to decorations to food were exactly what I wanted.  But, how did she feel?  I think I now know.

She felt pride.  Pride as she saw her baby girl walk down the aisle.  I'm sure she thought, "That's my child.  I raised her.  She's a product of many years of labor, tears and joy.  I'm so proud of her."

She felt sadness.  Sadness as she couldn't help but think of the precious moments that are now just memories.  She remembered the heart to heart talks and the joy of being her child's confidant.  She remembered being the one who hears "Look at me, Mom!" and wished she could just once more really watch as another feat is accomplished.  She remembered being the one who comforts when hearts are broken and had  her shoulder cried on.  And she had sadness as she realized it's time to hand over the care of her precious treasure to someone else.

She felt joy.   Joy that somehow seemed to trump the sadness.  It's unexplainable joy as she saw her baby's happiness and watched as she dreamed of the future. Joy as she saw that the one she is handing over the care of her baby to, is the one God has picked.  And is the perfect match for her child.

I think I know now, Mom.  So many feelings and emotions.  Mom, you're the best!

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