Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Festivities

We love Easter!  It's a blessed time as we reflect on what Jesus did for us!  And there are so many tools to use to point my kiddos to the Savior and remind them of the resurrection.  They look at this time as a celebration that our God is not dead!  He is alive!

 My thoughtful Mom and Dad sent an egg hunt to my kiddos as well as Patrick and I.  I hid for the younger 3, and the younger 3 hid for all the older ones.  It was great!

 And my kiddos loved that there was money hidden in each egg!  Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!

 For dyeing our eggs this year, we decided to use our fresh eggs that our hens are laying.  We had so many!  They gave us a more jewel, earthy tone and turned out very pretty! (although next year I think we'll go back to using white eggs.  I like the pastel color better)

 We had a great day at church on Sunday!  I love how my Sunday School kids (ages 7-12) are enjoying hearing all of the details of our resurrected Lord!  They know details like who is Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea and how they play into the story. They felt compassion as they heard how Jesus suffered. And they felt such an "awe" as they heard that He could have called angels to come and rescue Him, but He chose to die.  Because He loves each one of them.  I enjoyed going around the room and telling each one, "Jesus did this because He loves Silas."  "Jesus did this because He loves Nyela"...and I put in each person's name.  It's still so amazing!  God loves ME!

This is these sweet boys 3rd egg hunt in a row.  Oh, My how they are growing!

Happy Easter everyone!!

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