Monday, April 24, 2017

Our Brenna's Graduation

 Saturday was the day for our Brenna's graduation!  It was such a wonderful day!

 Months ago, while visiting the beautiful O'Leno State Park, Brenna found the Rec Hall and wanted to have her graduation there.  It was very booked up, but the date, April 22nd was open, so we snagged it!  It's such a beautiful log cabin.  Very rustic, with lots of character.  Very Brenna!

Brenna set up her memory table with her favorites.  Green, turtles, piano music, coke, hershey's chocolate and her Bible.  

She also set up a memory jar for people to fill with memories.  She also had a B for them to write one word that describes Brenna. Then, we had a table with tortilla chips and lots of different salsas.  It was delicious!

Brenna decorated her hat with The Game of Life!

We are so thankful for many special people coming to share in Brenna's special day.  She sure does love her cousins Kaylie and Kiara.  So glad they could come!

So happy Denise (Grammy) could come too!

And, of course, my parents!

As it was almost time to start, Brenna had a surprise guest come.  Brenna has been friends with Joshua Hamby for many years.  They have been writing letters for about 2 1/2 years.  She had no idea he was coming all the way from Canada!

The room filled with so many family and friends.  Thank you to all who came to share in our special day!

We started by playing a game called "Guess Brenna's Age"  We had pictures from 1-17 on the board.  They had to guess how old Brenna was in each picture.  It was harder than I thought it would be!  My sister Taylin and Joshua Hamby won with getting only 10 right!  The prize?  A Hershey's Bar!  Very Brenna! :o)

Brenna really didn't want to give a speech.  So, we changed it up a bit.  We played a little game called Brenna's Game of Life.  We had a powerpoint of about 10 questions with 3 possible answers.  Everyone voted for the answer that they believed to be true, then Brenna revealed the correct answer.  We asked things like, "What is Brenna's worst fear?", "Where was Brenna saved?" and "What are Brenna's plans after graduation?"  So, even though she didn't give a speech, she talked plenty!

Then, Dr. Dean Hamby gave the "Charge" to the graduate.  What a blessing he has been to our family!  When we asked Brenna who she would like to have come for giving the charge, she said she would like to ask Bro. Hamby.  So thankful that he and Mrs. Karen could come!

After the charge, it was time to play Pomp and Circumstance (why does that song make me teary-eyed?), give Brenna her diploma, and turn her tassel!

So glad my parents, and two of my sisters, Keela and Taylin, could make it for the day!

Dr. Dean and Mrs. Karen Hamby

Sweet Emma painted her nails many colors because she wasn't sure which one Brenna would like the best.  How sweet!  Brenna has such a heart for children and sure does love the kiddos of VSIBC!

So glad Aunt Florence and Uncle Chuck could make it in, too!

Sweet friends Cynthia and Liz,

And Tricia, too!

So thankful for our girl and so proud of her!  We love you Brenna!


  1. Congratulations, Brenna! SO proud of you!

  2. What a colorful and fun graduation! I love her cap decoration - super creative! Congratulations Brenna!

  3. Congratulations to Brenna! What a wonderful celebration and a beautiful log cabin to celebrate the achievement. It was a nice touch to have her friend visit all the way from Canada. xx