Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Is He my vision?

I believe God equips us for the days ahead.  He will have us read passages of Scripture, listen to a message, or hear a song that will help us in the days ahead.  If we will listen.   It has happened this month with my hymn for January.

I was only a few days into the year when it was time for my monthly infusion to treat Myasthenia Gravis.  As the nurse came I thought everything would go as planned.  She would access my port, give me medication to help with side effects, I would rest while the medicine was infused and I would be good to go.  But, as the nurse tried to access my port, she said, "Oh Kami."  That's never a good sign.  She couldn't get blood return on the port.  My wonderful nurse tried and tried, but no success.  My doctor sent me to the hospital a few days later.  I was forewarned that there was a possibility I would need my port pulled, but they would try to repair it first.

I will be honest.  I was nervous.  And wondering why this was happening.  As I lay on the table while the doctor performed a not-so-comfortable process of accessing my port from another place in my body,  the words to the song kept flooding my head  But this time it was more a question.

Is He my vision?
Is He my best thought?
Is He ever with me?
Is He the Lord of my heart?

As I sung those words in my heart, it was a resounding YES.  He is my vision and focus.  He is the very best thought that I can have.  He is right there with me.  And He is Lord of my heart.   The uncomfortable procedure didn't go away.  The uncertain outcome was still there. The pain was still there.  But, the peace He gave me in the midst was priceless and precious.  I am so thankful for that.

The repairing of my port was successful.  I need to take it easy a few days to heal.  Definitely an unexpected start to the year.  But, God keeps showing Himself faithful and true.


  1. Oh Kami, am so sorry for the pain but so glad you are a believer. It really does help us when we have faith in God. Right now I can say that the start to my year has not been good but God is faithful and I praise His name. xx

  2. I am sorry you had to go through this painful event but am so glad that your answers were "Yes"!! How do people go through these things without hope?

  3. Wow! So sorry to hear about problems again with your port. It is such a blessing to hear though that the song and verses the Lord gave you were exactly what you have needed.

  4. And we will be praying for you too.