Saturday, January 4, 2020

Scrap Busting Crochet Blanket

Now that Christmas is past and gifts have been given, I can post a few crafty things I've been working on.  As I said before, this year was a little unexpected in how it went.  I didn't craft or sew much.  At all!  Then, November hit and I began looking ahead to Christmas.  My mind was flooded with ideas of creations.  It felt so good to be sewing and crafting again!  While I was at my Mother-in-law's house I noticed she had a big basket of leftover yarn.  It was from projects that she had done here or there, but didn't know what to do with the leftover yarn.  I hopped on youtube and found this neat tutorial.  She said if I wanted to try it, then I could have her leftover yarn.  

As I started crocheting and seeing all the beautiful colors coming together, I knew I wanted to make this for my vibrant and fun daughter in law.  It just reminded me so much of her!

I even brought it on my trip to Michigan.  It was so nice to sit and chat with Mam-maw while crocheting a fun project.  

I gave this to Tabitha for Christmas and she loved it.  What a fun pattern!  I feel another one in the making already.  Just need to find some more scraps! ;o)

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  1. Lovely blanket made with love. The colours look good together too :-)