Friday, January 10, 2020

Celebration with Mom and Dad

For the past several years, we have spent New Year's with my parents.  I am so glad they come for some time with us!  We exchange gifts, go the a New Year's Auction, stay up late, and enjoy every moment together!

My kiddos love to pick out gifts for them!  It's a joy to watch the givers face as they watch the receiver open their gifts.  There is joy in giving!

My parents are also very thoughtful in their giving.  You can tell they really try to give something personal and thought out.  They don't just give because it's that time of year.  They look forward to really buying something the person would enjoy.

This year my Mom made Callie a quilt.  Isn't it beautiful?!  Callie treasures it already!

I love these special moments with family!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful gift your mama made for Callie. It will become a treasured heirloom I'm sure. I love it when people are thoughtful in their gift giving and take time to pick out something that will be meaningful to someone else.