Saturday, January 11, 2020

"Now it is High Time"

We just unveiled the theme for VSIBC for 2020.  Taken from Romans 13:11, the theme is "Now it is high time!"

I had fun incorporating clocks into our theme.  I love how everything fit together.
  Patrick had fun making this "NOW" table for in front of the pulpit.

 Goodwill was a wonderful source to find lots of neat clocks!

 And the vines just gave it that greenery touch that I like.

Patrick and Josh did amazing at setting goals for the year for our church.  There's much to be done and it's so exciting watching God work!

When we unveiled the theme, we also showed a slideshow from 2019.  We are so blessed and  have created many wonderful memories through the year.  Souls were saved and baptized and we passed out 50 Bible reading certificates for those that read their New Testament, Old Testament or the whole Bible through.  With that much Bible reading, spiritual growth is inevitable!  It's so exciting!

2020 is going to be a great year!

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