Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Asa is here!!

He's here! And Lollipops is so in love!
Sunday morning Brenna called to let us know she's starting to have contractions. We were so excited she decided to go ahead and come to church rather than sit at home in time contractions. She even played the piano but I could tell every so often she would close her eyes and she would have a contraction. After church she went home, had a bite to eat, and tried to rest but contractions really picked up. By 3:00 they were coming 4 minutes apart and lasting almost a minute long. So I made my way over there ☺️ So glad I could be there!

Contractions were pretty intense and n starting to come on top of each other. When the Midwife arrived I was ready for her to be there that's for sure! Her Midwife is very calm and reassuring and exactly what Brenna needed. I was so thankful I could be there to help encourage Brenna along but the main encouragement to her was AJ. It was amazing to see the two of them together and the love that they have for each other. 
Even though everything was pretty intense everything went very smoothly and Asa Carl arrived at 10:31. He's a healthy 8 lb 2 oz and 20 inches long.

God is so very good!
More pics to come for sure!



  1. What a sweet baby! I'm glad that everything went well.

  2. Congratulations! So glad everything went well with the home birth. The new baby is so very cute.

  3. Yay! So happy for all of you. He is adorable.