Saturday, June 7, 2008

Josh's dream come true

For about 3 years now, Mom and Dad have beeen telling Josh that they would buy him an electric razor. He's been talking about it ever since they told joke. He asked them if they would celebrate his birthday early since we'll be gone for his 12th birthday. (June 27th) So, after we ate at Randy and Tay's Mom and Dad celebrated Josh's birthday with him. Dad went and picked out a great razor for him. Josh was so thrilled. Dad even bought some pre-razor cream. He was so happy. Josh took a while for his first shave. He said he was going to leave his moustache, but then he changed his mind and shaved it off :) Dad brought out some of his aftershave for him to use. Josh screamed because it burned. It was so funny!
Josh is averaging shaving 3 times a day now. Mom says eventually that should calm down...we'll see! Thanks Mom and Dad for making his 12th so memorable. He sure does love you guys!


  1. It was fun celebrating his 12th birthday with him even thought it's early. Can you believe he's 12 already???? Now he's in the teen group. :-)
    We're glad he appreciated his gift so much. It was fun to hear him talk about his mustache. :-)
    MOM & DAD /Grandma & Grandpa

  2. Your little boy is growing up!! He is such a handsome guy! Is he still shaving that much!?!?