Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Josh's New Mandolin

Josh has been saving money for a new Mandolin. His old one is exactly that...old! It's dated 1932, which is really neat, but it's basically not worth a whole lot. It hasn't been keeping tune very well for a while now. It's been great for a beginner and practicing, but Josh has wanted a new one. He found this one at a music shop in Hendersonville, NC. He didn't have enough money, but started praying about it. The next day we received a package with enough birthday money for him to buy his new Mandolin. He was so excited! He bought it on our way to our 2nd meeting in TN. (He didn't want to wait until we got back because he was afraid it would be gone.) We were serenaded by lovely Mandolin music for most of our 5 hour trip. I'm so proud of my son. He told us he was glad he bought it with all of his money and we didn't help him. It's so good to see God's blessing in our son's life.

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  1. Hi Josh,

    I love your new Mandolin and I can't wait to hear you play it again. Sometime when you are me and play "Brethren We Have Come To Worship" I loved it when you played it the last time. You should call Pastor Strange and play it for him too....he loves the Mandolin and he loves that song too.

    Love, Grandma