Monday, October 6, 2008

3rd Trimester!

We are 27 weeks pregnant and in our 3rd Trimester! How time flies! As you can see I'm picking up weight...ugh! The dreams of gaining the proper 25-35 lbs. don't seem to be happening :(. Oh well, I guess I'm enjoying all of my cravings, although I really am trying to do well! Patrick and the children are enjoying this pregnancy with me. It's so fun doing this together. We started working on the baby's album. It's turning out so cute and the kids are helping me with it. 13 weeks left!


  1. AHHHH!!! You look sooo CUTE!
    Love your bump. Can't wait.
    I am so excited.
    Pat your tummy and say, "GRANDMA LOVES YOU"

    Love and miss you,

  2. kami, you look amazing! i gained 35lbs with the first two....this one looks like it may be more!!! we'll just have to work a little harder after baby comes :) keep up the good work and keep up your walks, you're doing so good!!!!!!!