Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I've been Tagged by Tab

It looks like I have been tagged by Tabitha (my sister) at . . So Here goes:

10 Years ago I ...
1. was in the process of making Brenna :) It actually was right around this time!
2. was incredibly busy chasing after a 7 month old and a 28 month old
3. was in the middle of our Fall Program at church. That's when we had 90 on our bus!
4. lived in a 5th wheel travel trailer. (sounds awfully familiar!)
5. could see my toes when I looked down.

5 things on todays to do list ...(Patrick has declared today a "no school day".)
1. average 1st quarter grades and make the kids their report cards.
2. Go to Laundrymat
3. Get motorhome ready to move for tommorrow (basically that means clean my sewing stuff off the dash!)
4. Help Patrick stuff our prayer cards in envelopes and take to the post office, along with our Absentee ballots.
5. High School Chapel at 11:30, and Missions Conference services tonight at 7pm. (Chattanooga, TN)

5 snacks I enjoy...
1. ICE!!!!! Can't get enough here lately!
2. American Cheese with crackers.
3. Skittles
4. Brownies and milk
5. Snickerdoodles.

5 places I have lived...
1. Fort Myers, FL
2. Plattsburgh, NY
3. Biloxi, MS
4. Carthage, MO
5. Hattiesburg, MS

5 jobs I have had..
1.Pizza Hut Delivery
2.Burger King (where I met Patrick)
3. Steinmart
4.Christian Bookstore
5. Wife/Mother

5 people I tag...
1. Patrick (you can post in my comments section)
2.Mom (you can post there too!)
4. Taylin


  1. Are you in Chattanooga right now? I live in SIgnal Mountain. YOu could do laundry here if you want.

  2. That's so sweet of you! I have no idea where signal mountain is. We saw a laundrymat right around the corner from where we're parked. We are....how do I explain it. We can hear the cars from I-24 and we'e only one exit from 75. We're parked at Calvary Independant Baptist. We went to an Italian/ Mediterranen restaurant in East Ridge (I think that's what it's called) a few days ago named Alfredo's. It was excellent! Have you been there? I love your city, it has great food!

  3. Kami,
    You seem to describe a lot of places by the food you find. Hmmm. Kinda pregnant, aren't you?

    tab :)

  4. Signal Mountain is 2 miles uphill from downtown Chattanooga. I saw that you went to a midwife here and thought about shouting out at you then but figured you were passing through. I am not sure where exactly that church is. Is Alfredo's across from Cracker Barrel? We go to the Shoney's near there every Sunday after church. My husband loves breakfast buffets. IF you are going to be around much longer or have any needs let me know.

  5. Kami,
    I have enjoyed reading about your adventures on your blog lately. I just wanted you to know that our family is praying for yours and I have read a little of Patrick's blog too. -Mark's sister, Kari B.

  6. O.K. as your Mother to the first tag question..........TMI. :-) bet it was fun though :-)

  7. I love these kind of games. But I feel funny posting on your comments since everyone is telling me to "GET A BLOG" :-)

    10 years ago I ...

    1. Planning my vacations around the arrival of new granddaughters, Emily and Brenna.
    2. Getting ready to celebrate 28 years of marriage to my wonderful husband, Yale. (so handsome)
    3. Working at Bank of America.

    5 things on my today to do list...
    1. Work at Willoughby Auto Sales
    car-deals, filing, cleaning etc.
    2. Get groceries
    3. Get gas
    4. finish sewing dress
    5. finish bags for kids
    6. make Christmas list
    7. go to Travis baseball game
    8. mail 2 get well cards and
    10 letters
    9. make phone calls

    5 snacks I love...
    1. Coke :-)
    2. Watermelon
    3. Yellow delicious apples
    4. Strawberries
    5. BBQ Chips

    5 places I've lived...
    1. Tazewell, Tennessee
    2. Beck Rd, Belleville, MI
    3. 4913 Denton Rd
    4. 519 DeSoto, Ypsilanti, MI
    5. 2342 Crystal Dr. Ft. Myers, Fl
    since May 1980.

    5 people I tag...
    1. Robin
    2. Ron
    3. Gary
    4. Dixie
    5. Kim

  8. HI Mom ( via Kami's blog),

    Who are you making bags for? Ty was chatting with me the other day how he would like a new bag like the blue cars bag you made him. He mentioned that the old one has a stain from all the times he uses it. He said he would love one with Trains on it. Perhaps we should head to Joanns and pick out some fabric. Just let us know. :)