Saturday, October 4, 2008

Brenna's BB Gun

This week, while we were with the Cash family in Jackson, Josh was able to go squirrel hunting with Philip Cash. They had such a great "boy time together". They didn't get any squirrels (I'm glad I didn't have to cook them!), but they had a great time romping through the woods for several hours. Brenna begged Josh to let her go. She loves to hunt and said she was ready to kill a squirrel! We didn't let her go. Josh needed the "boy time". Patrick felt bad for Brenna and understood what it's like to have hunting fever (I think he wanted to be invited!)

So, Patrick bought Brenna her own BB Gun. First he taught her all of the gun safety rules. (Actually he reviewed them, he's very good about teaching our children the proper way to handle a gun, and the importance of safety! What a good Daddy!) Then he taught her how to hold it and shoot it.
She's a very good shot! Her Daddy was so proud and they had such a good afternoon together.


  1. Wow! Cool BB gun! I love the girly outfit and BB gun combo. Happy Shooting!

  2. Brenna, you look so cute with your BB gun. Be careful. Love you, Love, Grandma