Saturday, November 1, 2008

Josh's Squirrel Hunting Trip

We arrived in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and we just love coming here. It's like coming home to us. We saw several people gathering in the parking lot, so we stopped to say "hello". Little did I realize, it was the annual boys squirrel hunt. When they saw Josh they invited him to go. My first reaction was "No way, not my boy away from me on a camping trip all night!" Then, I had to take a step back and realize my boy is 12 and really growing up and these were people that we trust. So.....we said "yes". Josh was so excited! We ran home and packed his stuff. I sent him with my camera, cell phone, water and snacks. And, then they left, and I prayed. We all spend so much time together, that when we're apart it can be hard.
Josh was able to see so many of his friends. I'm so glad I packed him some snacks. He was the only one with snacks and water. He was very proud to pass them out to everyone. Even though he didn't get a squirrel he had a great time. They started with a hunter safety course. I'm so thankful they're so safe and careful. Then, they had a cookout dinner and a devotion. The devotion was on how to be a man for the Lord. From what Josh told me, it sounded really good. Then, they went target shooting. Every boy was assigned a "Mama". (Basically every boy had an adult hunter assigned to him. One hunter for every boy) That night it turned cold. Josh said a lot of the boys snored in his tent and he shivered all night. Then, they got up at 4, had breakfast, and went in the woods with their "Mama". I wish he would have gotten a squirrel, but I'm so thankful he was able to see so many of his friends and have some "boy time".


  1. Sounds like he had a good time. I am so glad you let him go. He needs to do just guy stuff. Are those Domonics brothers?? I can't remember their names. They look so much older. I'm glad you are learning to let go, just a little.
    Love, MOM

  2. Ugh! You are right, Mom. Letting go is not an easy one for me. I'm trying to let go, but be balanced. I do have a great kid, but he is 12. I'm trying to remember both. Yes, those are Dominique's brothers, Brien and Ryan. RJ was there also. Several of his school friends were there.