Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our day at the laundromat

While we were at the laundromat the kids spotted one of those claw machines to get stuffed animals from. They all had brought a little bit of money and they wanted to play. Me and Patrick explained that those machines are a waste of money and you never win anything. After our speech, they said they would really still like to play, so we reluctantly let them. On Josh's first try he won this raccoon. We were all so excited! Then, Beth played and won this frog!
Then, Brenna played and won this blue teddy bear.

We were shocked! So, Patrick played and won....nothing :( We decided we just need to stick to laundry!


  1. WOW!!! That is so sweet that you three won a stuffed animal. I think you all have the right touch at those machines. And you two thought you were trying to teach them a lesson. The reason Patrick didn't win won is because he wasn't praying that he would win won. hahaha.
    Love and miss you all,
    Love MOM/Grandma/M.I.L.