Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hello Everyone From SW Florida

Well, I made it to Florida on Thursday. It was very hard to say goodbye to Patrick, Josh, Beth and Brenna. There were a few tears on my part in the airport. Then, my plane left an hour late, so that made me miss my flight in Atlanta. They put me on standby for 5:00 flight (That meant I missed my Dad's birthday party :( ) I wasn #16 for standby and they only called up to #7. So, they put me on standby for the 9 o'clock flight, but said they didn't think I would make that one either. I called Delta (they have black phones set up, instead of real people!) I cried to the lady on the make a long story short I was on FIRST CLASS!!! for the 9 o'clock flight! It was so cool. There are so many perks in first class I didn't realize! For one, they give you real glass cups! But, after sitting down I realized why the Lord had my day go the way it did. I was able to witness to Mr. Greg from Muskeegon, Michigan! He didn't get saved, but he really listened and took a tract. We had a good time talking. He was a very nice man.

Now, I'm enjoying being with my family. We were able to celebrate my Grandma's 88th birthday last night. I'm so glad I was able to be here for it. Tomorrow I have my midwife appt. I'm having fun so far, but missing my family. 3 weeks will be here soon.

I'll update soon.

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  1. We are soooo glad you are here. Can't wait till the baby comes but I don't want to rush it either. Our time is precious together. Cant wait till the kids get here...and Patrick too. I know they really miss you.
    Love, MOM