Sunday, November 23, 2008

Patrick, Josh, Beth and Brenna

I thought I would give a little update on how my family is doing. PJEB are in San Antonio, Texas this morning. So far they are doing very well. I told Patrick that everytime I call the children are laughing in the background, so last night when he called he had the children to pretend to be crying in the background. I think I'm glad they're having a good time :)

On Monday they will head back to Alexandria, then to Center, Texas for a Missions Conference, then on to Fort Myers! I miss them so much, but I'm so glad they're doing well. Patrick really is a "Super Dad". He can cook, clean, and have a lot of fun with them. He also watches them very well, which is a great comfort to me! Thanks, Babe, for all you do for our family! Hurry home!

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  1. isn't it nice to have a man who can do it all?! to be able to leave and not worry about the kids?? ok, so bob may not feed them the healthiest of things when i'm gone, but they are fed and happy! what more could i ask for :)