Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Spring Day

What a beautiful day we had today! Today was the first real day that we could go without jackets. (Although, I still put a sweater on Silas for our walk. ) We enjoyed some time outside enjoying the gorgeous fresh air. This is the outside view of my kitchen window. I love having plants on the ledge behind my sink. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of my children playing outside. Patrick surprised me Tuesday and brought home some flowers for me. When we were still in Florida I told him I wanted a pretty hanging plant. He knows pink is my favorite color. He's so sweet.
He also brought home these. Aren't they pretty? I'm going to go buy a planter tomorrow and put it on our back porch.

Joshua invited Joseph to come over and play basketball today. It's nice that Josh has a friend here.

Bethy has become a little Mama. She's my right hand lady taking care of Silas. Actually, all three of my older kiddos do so well with Silas. They absolutely adore him!

Here's Patrick and his herb garden. Just about everywhere we've lived Patrick has tried to plant a garden. He has the bug again this year. He secretly wants to be a farmer. This year he settled for an herb garden and we have LOVED using the fresh herbs in our meals.

Me watering my flowers....I hope I remember. I don't have the green thumb that my Mom and Mam-maw have. I love flowers, but don't keep them living for some reason. We'll see how it goes this time.

Welcome Spring!!!..Almost Summer! We're going to enjoy the outdoors here while we can!

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  1. I love you flowers. You always wanted to own your own flower shop and now you have one. :-) The look beautiful. Love the garden too. Do you have a basketball court? JEBS are growing up. Love you all, Love, MOM