Saturday, September 25, 2010

Surprise! We're in Florida!

Our original plan was to leave Canada the end of October. After looking at our support and talking with Pastor Strange, we decided to come home early and try to schedule some meetings. We also decided we would surprise my family! How fun! It was so hard not giving away clues and hints to them, but I think we successfully surprised them, and no one knew! Yay! I have several pictures from our trip, so I'll divide them up in in the next few posts.

We got our U-haul trailer Saturday morning. It was chilly and in the high 50's. Wow! I'm going to miss that weather! The kids were so excited as we were packing up our trailer and cleaning out our house. They were also a little sad, too. They loved our home. We left Saturday morning around 11.
We drove an hour and a half to Trois Rivieres to the Hamby's church were Patrick wa scheduled to preach. The church put us up in a gorgeous hotel and we enjoyed resting up. When it was time for us to leave after church on Sunday, Patrick asked, "We do have all of the passports, right?" I said sure! Then I realized that when we were putting our passports aside in a folder to have in the van with us, Patrick said to get all 6 of them. I said, okay, I've got all 6 of them. WE HAVE 7 PEOPLE IN OUR FAMILY! OOOPPs! What a way to start our trip! We had to unload about 1/3 of our trailer to find little Callie Grace's passport. I'm just glad I knew what box to look in!

Silas had a lot of fun playig with Luke Hamby while we unloaded and reloaded.

Here's Callie Grace, all ready to go. She was such a great traveler! She loves to sleep in her carseat.

After we left church we ran to A & W to get some quick lunch on the road. I had to get one last meal of Poutine. It's my favorite Quebec cuisine. Bye, Poutine, sniff, sniff, you'll be missed!

My kids travel very well, I'm so thankful. They love to read, sing, play, sleep, anything to pass time on the trip.

Silas sang most of the way. He has a french song stuck in his head! (Jesus te confie)

Bye, Bye, fall colors. The leaves were just starting to turn. I don't think we'll see any of that in Florida!

Almost to the states!

We made it across! This is Callie's first trip to the US!

Hello New York!


  1. Glad you were able to keep it a surprise and that you had safe travels!

  2. So Exciting!!! I was sooo surprized! I had no idea. Glad you all got to come home early. Now I can spoil my Grandkids more. :-)