Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Thanksgiving

As I mentioned in my last post, my poor Brenna has been sick. After we got back from Disney she kept her fever, sore throat, and cough. I took her to the doctor Wednesday and the doctor said there's nothing to do, expcept what we're doing, and to know that she is very contagious.

Our original plan was to go to my Mom and Dad's for Thanksgiving with all of my sisters and their families, my Grandma, friends from church, cousins and their families...well, since Brenna was still sick we decided we should stay at Denise's along with the people we had already exposed :o( So, on the way home from the doctor I made a quick stop at the grocery store, bought a turkey and some side items and decided we were going to make it a wonderful Thanksgiving anyway.

Denise, Estelle, and I worked at preparing the meal together. It was a fun time in the kitchen! Isn't there a saying about too many cooks in the kitchen? :o) Denise made her famous Pumpkin Pie. She makes the best!

Joshua worked at printing out Bible verses, then raided his Grammy's china cabinet for all of her Thanksgiving stuff.
Elisabeth worked on some more pretty things for the table. And poured the soda, too.

Patrick carved the Turkey. I have always used Emilie Barnes recipe for an overnight Turkey and we love how it turns out. So moist! Just not exactly picture perfect!

Brenna stayed in bed and slept through most of the morning.

The day before Estelle was telling about a dish her Mom likes to make for New Years Day. We just so happened to have all of the ingredients, so I asked her to make it. It was delicious!

A Beautiful Table

The food table. Not bad for last minute!

Patrick had us read verses from the Bible about Thanksgiving before we ate. Then, we shared our blessings. I sure do love my family!

Patrick "helped" Silas read his verses. :o)

Time to Eat!

Callie Grace's first Thanksgiving.
I do have to admit, when I came home from the doctor and told Patrick we didn't need to go to my parents for Thanksgiving dinner, I cried. I was so excited to spend Thanksgiving, with all of my family and Patrick's too! It's disappointing when plans are changed. But, I am so thankful, that even though our plans changed, it was a very nice Thanksgiving. As Patrick put it, there are people celebrating their first Thanksgiving without a loved one, their first holiday fighting cancer, or their first holiday with a loved one at war overseas. God's been good, and I'm thankful for the time he gave me with my family!

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  1. I'm sorry Brenna was sick and hope she's doing better. What a lesson for me you were, making the best of a disappointing situation. I grumbled and complained and cried because we're not in the in the US for Thanksgiving and it's just not the same here in another country. Several days later I learned that a family we are acquainted with had the wake for their 31-year-old daughter on Thanksgiving night. She died in a car accident last Monday. I realized just how petty I'd been. Good for you for making it a special day for your family!