Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time for the Tree!

It has always been a tradition of my family to put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving night. Josh headed up the commitee to beg their Grammy to be able to get the tree. She was pretty easily swayed, so Patrick, Marc (Patrick's brother), Joshua, and Elisabeth went to the tree tent and picked out the tree. At first the kids wanted us to get out our box of decorations and combine it with their Grammys. Patrick and I told them that would be too confusing, so we're just using Denise's for this year. It was fun seeing all the different ornaments she has and decorations, too. Ours will just have to stay packed this year and be opened next year on a gorgeous tropical island! :o)
Brenna still didn't feel that great, but she did come and decorate with us.

It's always been our tradition for me to put on the star too. Marc and Denise so sweetly let us keep that going. She even has the same star we do!

Silas is loving all of the Christmas stuff. First he saw a santa ornament on a low branch and started swinging him high and saying "Weeeee" Cute, but this won't exactly work all December! He's doing better not touching so much, but this morning during devotions he brought me a big sparkly blue ornament. I think they're just too irresistable for him! He especially loves the house with the dog out front.

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