Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Decorating with Mom and Dad

I was so excited when Mom and Dad invited us over to help decorate the tree. (I think they invited us...or maybe I invited us :o) It brought back lots of memories bringing out Christmas stuff and having the tree in the same spot it's always been. Some of my favorite memories growing up are the traditions my parents had during Christmas. There were always things going on, busyness of the holiday, singing, baking, eating, and lots of time together. They let me put the star on the tree! :o) Something I remember doing growing up.

Callie's first Christmas and she's learning lots about all the fun decos that she can get into!
Silas has a lot to learn about Christmas. He's actually tackling Mary and Joseph. Oh Dear.

Patrick and Dad think they're supervising.

My kids love to decorate the tree, and notice where my little Callie Grace is. Hmmm.

Silas loves to look (and sometimes touch) my Mom's many Nativity scenes. He likes to point at the animals and make their sounds.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for letting us come. I'm so glad we're home for Christmas!

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