Thursday, December 2, 2010

One of my favorite places at the end of the day

Our time was running out with Estelle and we still hadn't seen the sunset on the beach! I have always loved seeing the sunset on Fort Myers Beach. We parked at Bowditch point and took the trail to the end of the island. I love footprints in the sand, especially baby ones!
We saw a bunch of fish feeding on these baby ones. There were so many they were jumping up on the shore!

Silas was a little attatched to us at first. He was a little scared, but it didn't take him long to love the water.

My Beth loves to gather shells on the beach. She found some beautiful ones!

Josh was trying to explain to Silas he didn't have to be afraid of all the birds. They had fun running and making them fly!

Josh found this gorgeous shell! It's amazing the creations that God has made.

It didn't take long for Silas to get brave....a little too brave! My poor skirt didn't exactly stay dry while I ran in because he was going too deep.

Wow! What a beautiful sunset! Thank you, Lord, for letting us enjoy such beautiful sights that you have created! He could've made the world black and white, and we would have never known.

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