Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Merry Christmas

We had a great Christmas this year! It was so good to be home! On Thursday night we went to my parent's house to have dinner and open gifts with them. I love my Mom and Dad! They are so special to me!

Little Miss Callie Grace's first Christmas. She didn't really understand the whole gift thing. She really just wanted to chew on all the packages. She did manage to work on cutting her first tooth though. It broke through on Christmas Eve.

Each of our 3 oldest kiddos bought a gift for their Grandparents. Josh was very excited about the rug he picked for his Grandma.

Elisabeth picked out some fat quarters for Mom. I love the colors!

Beth and Brenna were excited to help Callie with her gifts. Yay for girl toys!!

Our children received lots of goodies from Grandma and Grandpa. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

And so did Patrick!

And me, too! I've been wanting this Sanibel fabric by Heather Mulder Peterson. I love her blog and her style of quilting! When I opened up my package of Sanibel fabric.... I was a little excited! Mom and I share a major passion for quilting!

Silas was extemely excited about his horse! It neighs and sings, and rocks back and forth! He grabbed my Dad's hat, jumped on his horse and said, "Yee Haw!"

Christmas Eve we enjoyed dinner with family and friends at my sister Tabitha's house. It was so fun celebrating with so many people that we love to be with! Then, we enjoyed our Christmas Eve service at our home church, Winkler Road Baptist Church.
After church we continued on with our tradition of opening up gifts from Mam-maw and Robin. Our kiddos received some more fabulous gifts. The girls love their necklaces from Mam-maw. Wow! They are growing up!

Silas got some cute jammies. He's the big brother! Callie Grace!

Our kids always sleep together in the same room on Christmas Eve. That way, they can endure a hard night of waiting together.

Merry Christmas! Around 5:15 we heard singing and saw the lights were on. Guess who woke us up? Denise! Patrick's Mom! She was very excited for Christmas. We started with our Stocking for Jesus and then enjoyed some time in prayer together, thanking Godfor sending His Son. The Greatest Gift ever given!

I received so many things! Patrick had my ring fixed for me. One of the diamonds fell out. He replaced it and had some repair work done on the other prongs. Denise bought me a Singer Quilter's Sewing Machine. I was so shocked! That machine does soooo many fun things! Now, I get to try my hand at free motion quilting!

Silas received 2 Thomas the Train sets. He LOVES them!! I wonder what my little guy should get for his birthday?? :o)
I think Patrick likes all the new toys just as much as my kiddos do!
Then, we went to my Mom and Dad's house for lunch. All of my sisters and their families were there, too. It was so nice to be with them!

Silas eating with his cousins. Are any of you northerners jealous? We're eating outside for Christmas!!!
We were excited to see my nephew, Isaiah. He's gotten super tall. I sure do miss him!

Emily is such a sweetie with my Callie. I love to see cousin bonding!
Then, we enjoyed a new game to my family...Mafia. It was soo fun! I didn't realize how deceptive my sisters can be! :o)

Then, that night we went back to Denise's house for a Standing Rib Roast with all of the fixings. We were all pretty exhausted from the day. But, a good kind. I love being with all of my family and all the laughing we do! Merry Christmas Everyone!!


  1. I had a wonderful Christmas!!! So glad all our girls and families could be together. So happy we got to spend Christmas with you this year. Love the pictures.
    Someday you should print out your would make a great journal.
    Happy 1st Christmas Callie Grace.

  2. Very nice pictures, looks like you had a great time with family.