Sunday, December 19, 2010

Late Night Shopping

Last week Patrick and I decided to do some late night shopping. Don't ya just love 24 hour Walmarts? We put all the kids to bed and asked Josh to sleep in our room where we have our pack-n-plays set up, so he could listen for Silas and Callie. (Don't worry, Denise was asleep on the couch, so we didn't really leave the kids all alone!) When we got home we found Josh, Silas and Callie like this: We put the little 2 to bed, and gently woke Josh. He said they seemed to be having a hard time getting to sleep and they wanted him, so he just decided he would cuddle with them and help them get to sleep. Worked perfectly! Praise the Lord for such a sweet, responsible son. God has truly blessed us to give us Josh for our firstborn. He's a little protective, and sometimes bossy (Aren't all firstborns? Love you Keela! :o), but he really does love his sisters and brother. Thank you, Lord!


  1. What a precious picture. He's gonna make such a good daddy!

  2. What do you mean we are bossy? Not possible! Well, Ok maybe a little! Great picture!


  3. Very sweet! Our firstborn is protective and bossy . . . still. The younger two complain that he thinks he knows it all and acts like an old man with years of experience. We just laugh . . . and privately tell him to back off.

  4. Awww so sweet. He is so thoughtful and sorry to say he is too bossy to his older sisters.
    :-) Glad he's protective though but sometimes to protective. I feel sorry for them when they get interested in a guy. :-)
    Love the picture.