Monday, December 27, 2010

Our New Tradition, Jesus Stocking

We introduced a new tradition to our Christmas season. Last year my friend, Laura Green, mentioned that her family does a stocking for Jesus every year. We decided to adopt their tradition, but first we needed a stocking for Jesus. We assigned Elisabeth the task of making a special stocking for Him. We gave her a budget, then took her to JoAnns to buy the supplies she needed. We were excited when we walked in the store and saw Christmas was 70% off! Yay! She picked out a beautiful green stocking. Then, she found glittery, iron-on ribbon and rick-rack
to embellish it. She also bought gold glittery iron-on letters. She diligently took her time and ironed everything in place. It turned out great!

We talked with the children for a couple weeks before Christmas, asking them to think about what they want to "give" to Jesus this year. They didn't have to tell us what it would be, it's between them and the Lord. To be honest, I had a very hard time deciding what I wanted to give. It's very humbling thinking about what to give to the God of all creation! What could I possibly give to Him? As I prayed the Lord revealed something that is missing in my Christian walk. Something that I've been saying I will do for years, but never getting around to it. It's something I can do to be closer to the Lord and more like Him. I decided what I would do, then on Christmas morning we all wrote down our "gifts". After having a time of prayer asking the Lord to bless our gifts, we put them in the stocking for Jesus.
It was different for us to start our Christmas morning that way. Usually we start tearing into our gifts! It was a great way to start our day! I'm so thankful for a day set aside to remember Christ's birth. I love Christmas!

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