Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A New Boo-Boo

While having some fun at my Mom and Dad's house the other night, Silas got a new boo-b00. The Poor Baby. We went back and forth on whether we should take him to the ER or not. We decided yes, then no. Our final decision was to buy some liquid bandage. Other than pointing a few times at it and saying "hurts", it really doesn't seem to phase him much. That night when he saw his "boo-boo" in the mirror he said, "no no, hurts" Tear my heart out!

I do have a sweet memory from this, though. We loaded Silas up in the van, then my 3 sisters came out to check one more time on him. He was in his carseat, one sister, on her knees, in the front seat turned around, the other two right next to his carseat. They were all checking to make sure he was okay. Then, they all three started laughing and playing with him. He's got 3 wonderful aunts! Silas, you are blessed!

For now, it's lots of neosporin!


  1. Poor guy! It makes him look tough though!! Love you Siley Guy!

  2. Poor Silas! I felt so bad for him. Wish there was a way to take away their hurts. Someone said...(I think it was one of the guys) oh it's o.k....a scar will make him look tough.
    Yeah....maybe to a guy but not a girl. :-)