Friday, April 8, 2011

Where do we begin?

It's definitely time for us to start packing. We hope to ship our things on April 25th, and since I've married Mr. We-need-to-be-prepared-early :o), it's time to get busy! We've been working hard this week spending lots of time going through everything we have. We're trying to be careful not to ship anything we don't really need. Shipping is expensive! Sometimes I look at something, set it aside, pick it up again, and try to really determine if I need it. I guess the even more important question is, "Will it fit in our house?" We have some boxes set aside that will stay. Things like memorable baby clothing. (Sweet things that my babies have worn. I've actually done very well in that department and now have a "special" newborn outfit I've kept for each of my kiddos, and one sleeper that all 5 of them have worn. It has the cutest little ducks on it. sniff sniff. Time goes by too quick) Also, stuff like cards and letters, and air force awards will stay behind in Florida, too. So, we've been super busy packing and getting ready. My goal is to get everything done soon, and to be a woman of leasure! Ha! We'll see!


  1. Looking at that picture makes me groan. I remember doing that not so long ago. The time goes by really fast though when you are so busy packing, so that is a plus!

  2. Oh, how I remember those days! Sitting amongst a ton of boxes and stuff, crying like a baby...wondering, "What is my problem? It's only stuff!" I found out a week later (after 4 1/2 years of marriage), I was pregnant with our first baby!

  3. We are in the same boat! I'm actually relieved to see you photo. Now maybe I will take one too. :-) We leave May 16 and i'm seriously wondering if we can make it.