Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Silas's Favorite Things" Quilt

Last month Silas started to cry at bedtime that his quilt is "broken." I really didn't understand at first, then he was saying "feet." I realized he has grown too long for his baby blanket. :o( Of course I cried! But, then, when I realized it meant it was time for me to sew him a new one, I got excited! :o) When we get to St. Barths Silas will have one of the bottom bunk beds. So, it really was time for him to have his own twin size quilt. I looked through all of the patterns that I have been saving and I had some fun ideas. Then, I realized he's my 2 year old boy. He loves so many things. So, I went
and picked out fabrics of his favorite things and decided to go with an easier pattern that would focus more on the fabrics. I have dreams of having some fun I-Spy time in the future. Then, I decided to put his name on the quilt, too. I love to do applique!

For the back I decided to try and do some fun strips. My Mom is always doing something creative to the backs of her quilts, and being the follower that I am, I had to try it too!
I love to name and label the quilts that I make. Here's the message I wrote to Silas:
My little guy loves his new quilt! Success!


  1. Love it!! The "I spy" idea is so cool! You can tell he loves it!!!

  2. I like the idea of appliqueing his name on the quilt. I want to do that someday!

  3. I LOVE the new quilt. I really want to learn how to do you use a machine to do all of the quilting? Do you need a special one, or can you use just a regular sewing machine?

  4. Love the quilt. You did a great job on it too. Love his name on it. Keep on quilting.