Monday, May 30, 2011

Trying to stay Cool

Well, the second thing that has been a little challenging :o) is the heat. Ooh la la!~the heat! Now, I'm a Florida girl, and it does get pretty hot there. You would think I'd be used to a little bit of the heat. But, the difference is that in Florida when it's hot, we just go inside! Ahhh, I love nice Air Conditioning! When we were on deputation we tried preparing our minds for the heat. We really thought we wouldn't have a house with AC. But, the Lord has truly blessed us! We have an AC unit in each of the bedrooms. It's so nice at night to go to bed in the coolness. On super-duper hot days we turn on both units, open both bedroom doors, put a fan in front of the door, and close all the windows. The house actually cools down quite nicely that way. Not exactly a nice 75 degrees, but it is more comfy. We're trying not to do that too much so we can keep our electric bill down.Another thing we didn't realize that they have here are wells. And we have one on our property! It's not a freshwater well, it's more brackish water. The landlord said we can water the plants with it. (We live off of rainwater here, so water is very precious!) So, one day we decided we HAD TO cool off! So, we went out for a little time to play in the water from our well. We turned on the hose. Hosed each other off. Let Silas and Callie play in their tub. And we had a wonderful afternoon! Ahhh, relief!

Although Silas become a little bit of a stinker with the hose!

I love this picture of our yard. I know it looks like we've left poor Callie out in the middle of nowhere. Where did everyone go!? She definitely was not ready to come in!

So, the mosquitos and the heat...two pretty tough things. But, everything else is going great and we are settling in quickly. The Lord is blessing and working and giving us oppurtunities to serve. We really do love the place that God has called us to and are so excited to see Him work! What a mighty God we serve!


  1. hehe! ADORABLE! Callie just wanted some quiet, alone time. ;)

  2. No, we haven't gotten malaria in Kenya yet, but I had it 6-7 times in PNG. They have it here, but not in Nairobi. We may get it when we move farther up country, but I hope not!

    Do you know any other missionaries on the island?