Monday, June 13, 2011

A Cheery Fix

I am loving my new kitchen! I love the counter space and I love that the counters are tile. It makes them so durable and easy to clean. Well, as I was making this space more my own, I noticed a slight problem:

I showed my girls this empty space and we all thought some nice flowers would quickly fix our problem. Our yard is truly a beautiful garden with so many tropical flowers blooming. It wouldn't hurt to pick a few, right? So, I sent the girls out to cut some fresh flowers for our vase. I felt just like my Mam-maw! I remember doing this many times for her and coming back in with a bouquet of beautiful Zinnias! They cut and arranged and made a beautiful bouquet!

Problem Solved!


  1. Glad you are blessed with such a nice kitchen!

  2. Love it!! Who are those two young ladies helping you?? :) They look so much older only after a month and a half! I love picking Zinnas at Mammaws too! For the past 3 years I have tried growing them from seeds. And for the THIRD time the lawn people thought they were weeds. I guess I should have left a note! :)

  3. You have a beautiful kitchen! What a treat to have beautiful flowers right outside too!

  4. I am absolutely in love with your kitchen! And the girls made a beautiful arrangement. So now they can open up a business for cake decorating and floral arrangements. ;)