Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Birthday

I know I brag on my family a lot, but they did it again! They made me feel so special on my birthday. They made me one of my favorite breakfasts....Yogurt Parfaits. And it was served on the Special Plate! Yay for the Special Plate! Then, we had a butter cake they had made for me frosted with my new favorite color. It was so pretty, that I almost hated to eat it! Almost. They gave sweet gifts. Patrick knew I'd been dying to finish a series of fiction books by that I had started last month. He ordered the last two for me on Ebay, put them in his suitcase, and gave them to me. I read most of the day! It was great! Elisabeth picked out a beautiful Sign of the poem Footprints at Cracker Barrell and stuck it in her suitcase. Josh gave me 10 Euros! And Brenna made a really cool Scavenger Hunt for me. It was such a wonderful day and made turning 35 all the more better...Did I just say 35? Oh Wow! I'm old.

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  1. Thirty-five is not old!! Remember..I was Thirty-seven when we had it was a great day..and remember..b.g.g.and b.g.....g...