Friday, June 17, 2011

Packages, Phone, School, and Bible Study

I just wanted to post a quick update on few things from our side of the world.

Packages: We received our first package in the mail yesterday! Actually it was two! (I love love love mail, by the way ;o) Brenna loves being the one to be able to go and check our mailbox each morning. Our mail usually comes about 9:30am. I've been joking with Brenna that she's not allowed to come back inside unless she has mail! As I watched her from the window, I noticed she checked the mail and started running back inside with a huge smile on her face! Yay! Good news! She was so excited to pull out two large manilla envelopes from my Mom. The bad news? Patrick wasn't home, he was at Mariane and Georges working on his french Bible Study. The kiddos weren't too thrilled to have to wait until noon when Patrick would come home to open the packages. But, we managed to wait. When he came home he found a letter in the driveway (Jonathan's Graduation Announcement--Thanks Keela!) Brenna must have been so excited about the package that she didn't see the letter and dropped it in the driveway. Oops! It takes quite a while for mail here. We're noticing an average of 3-4 weeks. Wow! Although, we received a birthday card for Josh from one of our supporting churches in Michigan and it arrived in record time---2 Weeks! So, if you want to send us something, go to Michigan to mail it :o)

Phone-STILL NO PHONE. Which means no internet. Hhhhmmm. Is the Lord wanting to teach me patience? I talked to the phone company last week and they said the cables are being laid now. It should be anyday, but they didn't want to give me an exact day. We are very thankful to have Mariane and Georges. They have been so sweet to let us drop by anytime of the day (or night) to check our mail, for a coke, and sometimes a wonderful meal. (They are both amazing cooks!) So, even though we don't have a home phone, we're able to use our Vonage at their house to call our family. I love keeping in touch!

School- Will it ever end? Eventually I think we will be caught up and ready for our summer. I guess I should rephrase that. We are definitely ready for summer, our school work isn't. The kids are working hard to get finished for the year, and I think we should be done by mid July.

Bible Study- We had one lady come to our Bible Study Sunday! Yay! We had Bible Study at 10:30 and lunch together afterwards. Please keep praying with us for next Sunday. We're praying for 3 people to come.

Thanks everyone for praying and for your sweet messages during our transition time moving to St. Barths. God has been so good and is so faithful!


  1. Great update!!! I will be praying for 3 for your bible study. 4 weeks for your mail??!!?? You know how those postal workers are . . . they probably read your letters before you did! ;)

  2. I need to write more. Sorry it takes so long for it to get there. Glad she gets so excited. I vote let the kids start their summer vacation and have FUN!