Friday, July 29, 2011

My Josh is 15

June 27th my baby boy turned 15! Can you believe it? 15! The night before the girls and I stayed up to make some homemade decos in his favorite and yellow. Then, we wrapped gifts and made his pie and were so excited anticipating Josh's Birthday. Josh woke up early (like he has every June 27th since he was born) Of course, right away he wanted to open his gifts. I think he liked all his goodies, but especially his "Treasury" of Calvin and Hobbes. He's a big Calvin and Hobbes fan. (And I have no idea why Silas is crying in this picture. He looks so sad, doesn't he?)

He requested my Chocolate pie for his birthday instead of a cake. It's super rich (I'll have to post a recipe soon!) But, he had a little twist to it...he wanted one for himself, and another one for the rest of us to share. So, he got his wish and finished off a whole pie in 2 days!

Then, we took his new Snorkel gear to our new Snorkel spot! Just me and my boy. It was great and we saw so many fish! It felt like we were in a fish tank.

Happy Birthday, My Josh! I love you!

As a side note, my Mom helped me make a swimsuit from Simply Modest
It works great for swimming and is very modest! You can either buy them already made (which is quite expensive) or buy the pattern. Mom and Dad bought me the pattern and I'm getting ready to sew suits for Elisabeth and Brenna!


  1. Hey happy birthday Josh!! 15 is a big one!
    BTW, I love that swim suit, great!

  2. Happy Birthday to Josh! A whole pie for himself - sounds like something one my boys would ask for. ;)

    I love your swimsuit. I'm not a swimmer, but I like to play in the water with the family. A suit like that is perfect - totally modest to wear around my sons. Love it!

  3. WOW!!! I can't believe how time flies and Josh is already 15 years old. He is a fantastic young man and I praise the Lord for him. Love the post. and you look so adorable in your swim suit. :-)