Friday, July 15, 2011

Our "Treasure Coast"

There are so many fun places to explore here in St. Barths! God truly did call us to a beautiful, breath-taking place. We love to go to the beach called Grand Fond. The kids have affectionately named it the "Treasure Coast" because it's a place of many treasures. There's lots of rocks and coral and it looks like you are right in an aquarium. We love to go exploring there!

Look at that gorgeous car! We are so thankful for our XL7 the Lord provided for us and then we had it shipped here. And, it's purple, too! How fun!

Hhmmm. Sea Urchins. Not exactly our favorite part of the beach.

My dear Callie Grace loves to eat the sand, shells, and anything else she can sneak into her mouth without anyone seeing her. Showing my baby girl the beautiful place God has called us to!

Silas loves to go exploring on the beach. He loves to find rocks and throw them in the water! If he has his way, next year this beach might look a little different....most of the rocks will be in the water!

Elisabeth and Brenna enjoy being at the beach, too. Beth spent over an hour trying to trap a fish. It's amazing seeing fish right before your eyes, in the wild, that are the same fish we used to buy from a petshop for our salt water aquarium!

We're so thankful to be a such a neat place with lots of fun places to explore, and lots of treasure to find!


  1. Love the pictures. I can't wait to go exploring with you. Looks like a fantastic spot.

  2. when you captioned the picture as sea urchins I wasn't sure if you were referring to the kids or the actual sea animals. :-D

  3. Breathtaking! And Callie is adorable!