Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our third shipment

Not too long ago we received our third shipment! Yay! Our first shipment arrived a few days before I got here. It had all the essentials like kitchen stuff, towels and clothes. Then, 2 weeks later, our 2nd shipment arrived...our car! Then, we received our 3rd and boy were we excited!

When Patrick and Josh arrived home from the docks the girls and I just squealed because we couldn't wait to open our stuff up! There were many exciting things it was just like Christmas! We sent 9 boxes of books. Yes, that's right 9. My family is a little passionate about reading!

I was excited to open up the box with the 2 highchairs. I know Callie was tired of sitting in her stroller for meals! (Who wants to look at 6 pairs of feet while you eat?)

Josh was thrilled (and thrilled is a pretty mild word for how he felt!) to open up the basketball goal that Mam-maw bought him while we were in Florida. He started putting it together right away in the heat of the day. We've already had many "horse" tournaments and I know many more are going to come!

Even though we knew all these things were coming (we sent them to ourselves) it was so exciting to open each box. Our home is filling up and looking and feeling more and more like home! We can't wait for our next shipment. I think we only have 2 more to go!

Then, one of the best things was finding a note from my Mom. She helped us pack all the book boxes (she's an excellent packer!) I didn't realize 2he put a little note in for us. I love you Mom! And yes, we did have a fantastically wonderful day!


  1. I can see how fun that would be! Callie looks so happy to have her own little chair, sitting up to the table like a big girl. Tears came to my eyes when I saw the note from your mom. In just a few years I'll have a son on the mission field, so I am beginning to understand the heart of the mother of a missionary. Not completely, of course, but beginning! ;)

  2. Wow, I can just imagine how excited you guys are. When we arrived arrived in Croatia in 2000 we came with just our suit cases, two apiece. Now going back after furlough we're taking a container and I'm so excited about having some American stuff.
    Enjoy your things and the beautiful place God has given you.

  3. I jsut found your blog! I'm looking forward to reading more. I can remember all the excitement of finally getting our things on the mission field. Great Memories!