Friday, October 19, 2012

Getting some Care

We've had a quite a week.  I hate not feeling well!  It all started Friday night with a pressure/throbbing sensation in my neck and chest.  Saturday I wasn't any better and it seemed everything on my right was hurting (neck, shoulder, jaw, chest) Every deep breathe hurt. Since then I've had times where I was okay, and times where it was worse.  The throbbing and pressure were there, but I was functioning.  Wednesday at our ministry luncheon I felt horrible.  Tears were close by and the pressure was ovewhelming.  Patrick decided it was time for me to go to the doctor.  Not what I wanted, but what I needed.  The pressure in my  chest became worse and everytime I breathed there was such a throbbing.  When I arrived at the ER I was really having a hard time to breathe.

  I was very impressed with how things went at the ER.  They quickly checked my heart and arteries.  Everything looked fine. They gave me oxygen, and even though the throbbing and pressure were there, I could breathe!  Ahhh!  I was so glad Patrick's aunt came and helped us out with our french.  Medical terms are so new to us!  She was such a blessing.  They did X-Rays and bloodwork, and decided to give me an IV.   Not my favorite thing in the world...I'm a little afraid of needles, okay maybe a lot!  The bloodwork came back that I had the beginnings of an infection even though my lungs were clear.  They decided I needed to stay overnight.  I was thankful the doctors said Patrick could bring Micah up for a quick feeding and then come again first thing in the morning.  The nurses were wonderful and we communicated well in french. (Except for when I told her I needed to use the restroom at one o'clock in the morning.  She thought I wanted to take a bath)  I received breathing treatments, medicine and anitbiotics through the night. And then I left around noon on Thursday.

This morning I went back for more XRays and an ultrasound.  I will receive the results on Monday.  The pressure is still there as well as the throbbing, but it is somewhat better. 
My family has been wonderful.  Patrick has once again been super Dad and my children have showered me with care and cards.  Thanks to everyone that has been praying for me.  It can be a little scary having medical care in a foreign country.  But, I was very well taken care of here and I'm so thankful for the Lord working everything out...even little important things to me, like feeding my baby.


  1. Kami, I am so sorry! I know just how you feel being sick and under medical care in a foreign country. I got your hubby's email yesterday and am praying!! Keep resting in our Lord's loving care and what a blessing to hear how your family is loving and caring for you so much and hear your testimony of how the Lord is working. Sending a gentle hug, much love and prayers from Mexico.

  2. I'm so sorry you've been feeling poorly but so glad there was good care available. I will continue to pray for you. Hugs. xx