Friday, December 21, 2012

Giving Brings Joy!

 For the past several months, the ladies and I and my girls have been working every Wednesday to make quilts for the residents at the hospital.  (St. Barths is in the process of building a nursing home, so until it's done, the elderly needing care live at the hospital)  I wanted to find a project that would involve several steps for all of us to do together.  We thought small lap quilts that would fit well in a wheel chair would work well.  We did a simple felt backing with no batting.  It's hot here, you know! :o)  Some days we cut out squares, other days we tied the quilt sandwiches together.  It was a perfect project!  Brenna is the one that actually sewed all the squares together to make the quilt tops.  I'm proud of my girl!

I decided to embellish some dishtowels that we would hand out to the nurses at the hospital.

Yesterday was our day to deliver our gifts.  We were so excited!  Callie wanted to look like a Christmas Princess in her Christmas dress.  What a cutie!  And Silas wanted to wear a bowtie, just like Donald Duck. How funny!

When we arrived they had everyone gathered together. We sang Christmas Carols (in french) and the accoustics were perfect in the courtyard.  We handed out our gifts and everyone was so thankful.  I helped an elderly man open his.  I explained to him what it was and put it on his knees.  Then, I saw a lady in the corner with just part of her gift opened.  She was smiling and looking at everyone admiring their quilts.  She would look at her gift and tear just a little more open, then look around again.  She was so happy to have a gift and enjoy the Christmas Spirit.  I went over to help her.  She gently touched Micah and said, "Thank you so much, this is so kind."  She was truly thankful and happy we were there.  The nurses were happy too and the head nurse was so thankful we came.

Please pray with me that the Lord will use us here in St. Barths.  We want to reach this island for Him!  We pray that God's Love was shown through us today and that He will be magnified!


  1. What a sweet idea! Praying that God uses it!

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  3. As I read how you and your girls made the quilts I knew in my spirit that you would make a huge impact in the community by this very thoughtful gesture. Your children look so lovely decked out in Christmas colour. It was very touching to read of the presentation of gifts too.

    I pray that the Lord would mightily use you. I know he will for you have a heart for service and a knack for knowing what to do. May God continue to give you and your husband open doors and wisdom in how to share the love of God. Glory be to God. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. You are reaching the people of St. Barth's while being Jesus' hands and feet! What a beautiful outpouring of love. The people notice. They know you are different. No doubt, Jesus is shining through. Merry Christmas, Kami!!

  5. Hello there. Just found your blog. I am always looking for other Christian blogs to follow. Blessings on you and yours this Christmas.
    Merry Christmas from Kamloops, B.C. Canada

  6. The quilts looks very nice hanging on the line together. Such giving hearts you have. It's a privilege to read your blog and hear of your ventures. Wishing you a very blessed Christmas season.

  7. This brought a tear to my eyes. I pray that you WILL win some on St. Barths.