Thursday, December 13, 2012

Maybe a little spoiled?

My Silas is at the age where we're trying to teach him about asking for things.  He has a way of sort of making all of his wishes and wants known.  :)  Especially around his Uncle Georges and Aunt Mariane.  

 About a month or so ago Silas "mentioned" that he would like some ice cream, hamburgers, shrimp and lobster.  Ha!  This boy has some good tastes!  Mariane made sure he had plenty of ice cream and hamburgers!   Then, we found the shrimp on sale at the store.  Last week Mariane arrived with some Lobster for Silas.  He had one all for himself!
Patrick cut up Silas's lobster in little pieces with butter for him to enjoy.  For the rest of us he put in a garlic/butter type sauce and we served it over noodles.  It was amazing! Thanks Georges and Mariane!

So, Silas obviously knows how and who to ask.  I wonder if I should give him some ideas for what to ask for next! :)

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  1. So cute. It's always wonderful to have such loving aunts and uncles. xx