Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Very Attractive

I have to admit it....I find this picture very attractive.  No....not the dirty engine, but my sweet hubby's greasy hands, with the gold medal band shining out from under all the dirt.

Patrick has been working and working and working on our car lately.  We've had a few (maybe a few times 7) days at home waiting on car parts to arrive.  A few nail biting days wondering if the car would start.  And a few days of praying for wisdom what to do.  Order from the states, yet wait longer and pay less?  Or order here, have wheels, and be broke.  Ha! My Dad has been a blessing and has had many calls from Patrick wanting to know what the next step should be.  Dad, you should have just flown here for the week! :)

I'm thankful for a man that can fix things and keep our family running!  Love you Patrick!


  1. A man like that is such a priceless blessing to his family. Hugs and blessings. x