Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy 15th Birthday to my Elisabeth Kristine!

Today my Elisabeth is 15 years old!  What a treasure she is to our family!
 I remember, 15 years ago, waking up around 3 am to not feeling well.  Around 4 am I finally realized I was in labor. This was our first homebirth, so we were nervous, but pretty excited, too.

We quickly called our midwife, Judith. When she talked to me on the phone for a minute or two, she asked for me to pass the phone back to Patrick.  I watched his face turn white as she explained to him that she was going to hurry to our place, but she could tell by my voice that she wasn't going to make it.  I thought she was crazy since everyone told me that for your second birth you can expect labor to be cut in half.  I had 6 more hours to go!  (or so I thought)

Feeling confused and thinking maybe we had a crazy midwife (which she wasn't, she was an amazing lady!)  I headed back to the bathroom while Patrick began making chipped ice raspberry cubes.  Before we knew it, my water broke and the baby was coming!  Talk about panic!  He quickly called the midwife back on her cellphone and she began explaining the instructions to Patrick. Within minutes she lost signal.  Patrick was in a little bit of shock himself and kept saying over and over, "I should have read the book from Judith, I should have read that book from Judith."

Of course by this time Joshua (21 months old at the time) was awake and amazingly calm.  He even seemed to know what items Patrick needed from the birthing kit and helped his Daddy out!  After trying to not give birth for what seemed like forever, I could hold back no longer and our sweet baby girl was born at 5am.  Wow!  Talk about an amazing morning!  Judith arrived at 5:05am.   I remember saying "I have a daughter!  I have a daughter!"  What a wonderful memory that I will forever cherish!
 15 years later and we are still blessed beyond belief with our Elisabeth.

 She is diligent in everything she does....schoolwork, helping me and in her relationship to the Lord.  She faithfully reads her Bible and keeps a faithful prayer list.  I've even caught Silas and Callie pretending to be Bess (their nickname for her) and praying like her.

 She sees me working in the kitchen and she comes right in and asks, "What can I do to help?"  A Momma's dream come true!  She notices a dirty diaper and changes it.  She lovingly prepares Sunday School lessons that will point her younger siblings to Christ.
She loves her Daddy and seeks his approval.
 She's learning to deal with the aggravations of living with 4 boys in the house! :o)
 She loves her new baby goat, Kiddie.  And has a special place in her heart for all the little animals that keep finding their way into our yard.
 Blessed beyond belief, and so thankful for my daughter and my friend.  I love you Elisabeth!


  1. Beautiful girl and beautiful birth story! I love the last picture! She is your twin!

  2. What a beautiful girl and what a blessing she has been to you right from the moment of her birth. Only one hour labour! Wow.

    Happy Birthday dear Elizabeth. May you have an absolutely wonderfully blessed day today.

  3. Happy Birthday Beth. You are such a sweet young lady. LOVE the pictures!!!! You look way too grown up!!! And you sure do look a lot like your Mom! Two Beauties! Love you!

  4. Happy Birthday to your Beth! She's a beautiful girl, and you are blessed. I actually cried over Silas and Callie imitating her. There is no greater compliment your girl could receive than her little brother and sister wanting to be like her!

  5. Aww, pure sweetness! And I loved hearing about her birth, even though it was 15 years ago. :-)