Friday, March 29, 2013

Thanks, but needing more

Thank you so much for everyone that has been praying for me.  It has been a tough month of not feeling so great.  I've been taking my Super-Vitamins and fun stuff from my doctor.  I do have my energy back, so that is great!  But, the pressure I've been feeling in my chest continues to grow stronger everyday. I've even seen Silas and Callie pretending to be Momma with an ice pack on their neck. It's so hard to's not like it's painful, but by the end of the day, feeling someone has been standing on my chest all day, I'm frustrated and uncomfortable.  And maybe a little grouchy.  (but don't tell my family I admitted that :o)  It's to the point that by the end of the day the pressure is now hurting.  It's so hard to describe.

I called my doctor back this past Thursday.  She just doesn't really know what it the problem is.  She wants me to go and see an Osteopath. We're having a hard time understanding exactly what that is.  I'm not sure if it is the same as in the states which is basically a doctor, but someone that focuses more on the deep tissues and muscles.  I know here there is a big emphasis on massage and that is one of the things that Osteopaths do here..  If you know me, then this is not something I normally do.  I guess I'm just the type of girl that believes that is my husbands job ;o) 

So please be praying for us to have wisdom in this situation.   Pray for me tonight for my appointment too.  I'm kind of nervous.

In the meantime, I'm hoping to get a bunch of posts of my awesome family.  They are amazing, and I have lots of fun pictures to prove it.


  1. Don't be nervous. Praying for you.
    Love you.

  2. I didn't realize you were still having these pains. I will pray for you. Just wondering whether you have problems breathing at night when you are sleeping? Does your husband notice anything? I'm thinking possible sleep apnea? Just a thought. I will pray for wisdom of the doctors. Hugs. xx

  3. Went back to your last post to re-read your symptoms which don't sound like sleep apnea related. I will pray the doctors find out what it is so it can be treated. Also that in the meantime you are protected. Love and hugs. xx

  4. Been praying for you, Kami, and will continue to do so. I know it must be frustrating not knowing exactly what is going on. Hang in there, sister!

  5. José van MerrebachApril 2, 2013 at 8:16 AM

    I've read your posts about the pain you have and am I right that you have a lot of pain in your neck? Did you fall hard or got a big wack or smash? It could have been a long time ago.....
    I'm thinking of a whiplash injury. That can cause a lot of physical complaints for exemple pain in the neck, lack of energy, memory problems, pain in the chest or the arms etc. etc.
    Because of a car accident I got a whiplash and it took the doctors 3 years to make a diagnosis.
    Perhaps it is something completely different, but I wanted to tell you this.
    Sorry for my poor english. I'm a dutch housewife so my english is not so good. I'll pray for you!