Sunday, March 3, 2013

Addition to Command Central

Do you have one of these spots?  You know, a place where there's a calender, or perhaps your weekly menu, a family photo or drawing...just important stuff that needs to be hung in a highly visible spot.  For us, we have our board in our dining room.  We always seem to need to glance at our calender, or read an important post-it message.  

This week I made an addition to our "Command Central"

 I decided we needed a place to put all of our out-going mail.  I've seen some of this fun-sewing technique and wanted to try it myself.  Basically you just start with a small scrap piece of fabric and sew another small piece to it.  Then, just keep adding, not being concerned with even-ness.  (Oh, I love that!)  When you have made the block the size you want it, then it's done!  I think I'll be trying this again!

And what do you know?  There's a letter all ready to be mailed.  Oh how I love when organizing tricks work! :o)

And while I'm on the subject...have you written a missionary kid lately?  Let me tell you, your letter of encouraging words could be just the thing their sweet heart needs. I love seeing the looks on their faces when they receive a letter to them. And I'm not just talking about my little ones.  My teenagers love it the most!  Faithful penpals have been such a blessing to us!

  God called my husband to be a missionary.  And He called me, too.  My kids?  Yes, God has also called them to be missionaries at this time in their lives, too.  But, sometimes they miss the good 'ole USA.  Sometimes they miss their friends.  Sometimes they miss English and familiar foods.  I say "sometimes"  because we have made this our home.  Our life is wonderful and we love serving God together in the place He has called us to.  But it's for those "sometimes" that I write.

Write a missionary kid.  It will be a blessing to them.  I promise.


  1. We are actually working on this just this week for the Schepers family in the Dominican Republic!

  2. Wow nice! you are so creative and its really very pretty :)

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