Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm going to France! (sort of)

I received the results from my CT Scan yesterday.  There are a few peculiar things going on my body,  but nothing that would cause the pressure and pain in my chest and neck.  So....the doctor is still stumped, but (Praise the Lord) he is determined to figure out what is causing my problem.

He said he wants to focus on why my ESR bloodwork was high.  He thinks if we find the cause of that, then we will find our answer.  So this morning I had more bloodwork done.  Usually the results are sent to the doctor by that afternoon.  When I asked if it would be the same, she said, "No, these tests have to be sent to France."  Wow!  My blood gets to go to France!  I've always wanted to see Europe.  I think I'm a little jealous! :o)

Thank you all for praying.  I'm so blessed.


  1. Continuing to pray for you. I hope you travel quickly back so the good doctor can move forward. May God continue to look after you and give you the healing. Hugs. xx

  2. Prayers for you Kami. Hope you find answers in the US.